By:  G.K., Westmount: ” Almost fifteen years ago, I injured myself very
seriously by falling over steps. Friends of mine recommended Roz very
highly. I have never been disappointed all these years, including my
family. She is very professional, compassionate in helping to make you
feel better, extremely reliable and trustworthy during her regular
visits to my home. Since I have a very busy lifestyle, she always
tries to accommodate me with my available time, even at short notice.
Her knowledge of bodywork and massage modalities is second to none. I
can highly recommend her ”

By:  S.G., Pointe Claire: 
” Six years ago, I was looking for a replacement of my massage-therapist
discovered an ad for
“Teaching Massage” by a professional and certified massage-therapist
with many years experience. I called Roz and was very surprised not
only at her professionalism, but also at her pleasant personality, and
generosity. My bi-polar condition at that time was quite erratic. But
gradually my body felt much better and the pathological condition
became les severe. Eventually, I felt that my life was back to normal.
She visits me every two weeks and I could not do without her any
longer. I even consider her a true friend. ”

 M. M., Montreal:
” Roz knows what she’s doing. Although I hve known
her over thirteen years, unfortunately I have not used her services on
a regular basis, because I often travel and spend long periods of time
away from Montreal. Yet, whenever muscular tension,
pain and discomfort bother me, I always go and see her because I know
she can help me reducing the pain and increasing my flexibility and
range of motion. Her varied massage approaches and stretching
techniques make me feel much less than an octogenarian.”

From husband and wife team S. & D.B.: Roz was
recommended to us this year upon our return from abroad, where
we would have regular massages. We both are involved in business,
working very long hours and feeling exhausted at the end of the day.
Every three weeks we have Roz come to our home and put both us into
functioning bodies again. She is just great. If she encounters solid
tight muscles, she just works on them until the muscle fibres give in;
she does not just brush over and continue somewhere else. Roz goes down
to the nitty-gritty of the problem. We just love her.

From E.R. NDG Montreal.
Roz gave me outstanding service. In addition to our regular sessions
of massage therapy, she was constantly giving me advice on relaxation
and stress management techniques. She would also advise me on my eating habits,
balanced living and naturopathy. Thanks to her, my chronic hip pain is a thing
of the past. I definitely feel like I got more value than I had anticipated.

From A.D. NDG Montreal.
My line of work can be extremely stressful at times. At first, the idea of massotherapy
seemed like an occasional treat; something that I should sign-up for once I have earned it.
However, after experiencing regularly sessions, I noticed that massage is much more than a
relaxant, in fact it acted as a performance enhancer. I now feel, see and breathe better than
ever. My posture has improved and I have more energy, improved concentration, and get more
work done in less time. In addition, I discovered my ability to manage stress with ease and
have learned stretching and breathing techniques that have further enhanced my work performance,
and most importantly, the way I feel everyday. Thank you Roz for continuously upgrading your
skillset and sharing your knowledge and expertise with me and members of my small business,
which is doing better than ever. I would recommend your services to any individual experiencing
high stress levels, working long hours, or to individuals who experience chronic or recurring pain.