Healing Touch Massage including bodywork as a holistic therapy is promoted by Roz Loutsios, trained and certified by professionally recognized schools and individually skilled and renown masters of the trade. Having worked for several decades, both in London, UK, and in Montreal, Quebec, she has gained wide practical experience by running her own successful, multi-disciplinary practice which includes an eclectic clientele from the worlds of sports, businesses, cinemas, politics, embassies, even several royalties. Her main objectives are addressing injuries,stress or pain and to encourage self-healing: To let your own inner healing power use its innate wisdom to heal yourself from stress, strain and pain. Much of her latest interests have been researching, reading and studying the psychology and physiology of mind body disorders and their physical manifestations and processes.
Her university graduate work helps her in educating her clients about how to take control of their own health and well-being. She has also been trained in naturopathy which gives her the right tools to encourage healthier life-styles and prevention. To keep abreast of the constant new emerging information, she continues educating herself, almost unable to quench her thirst for more knowledge.